The Valley Of Singflow

     Singflow is a place of wonder and glory. Knights rule under kind kings and had taken hold. It has not always been this way. 500 years ago there was a great war that tore Singflow in five, the sixth being where the King of Kings is said to be. Now the war's starter, a magic user, is bound to start all of it all over again. Its up to Michael Dunry to help Singflow end this and find his way home. Follow Michael on his journy and meet all sorts of strange and magical characters. Its a race. Who will win?

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Most people claim that The Valley Of Singflow is a work of wonder. When I first created Singflow I was in High School. It came to me during class and I devoted almost all my time to getting it done. It turned from a simple few paragraghs to a entire book in a matter of days. I wasn't the best student in that time, but I wanted it done, to be done with it. People ask me often if it was hard to create something like Singflow. I tell them yes. Singflow has its own weather, design, which I had crafted from scratch. I tried to turn it away from some of the books I read that gave me an idea of Singflow and was successful. Of course I can't read every book out there, so please... Contact me if there is a problem. Thank you for your patronage. Have a Nice Day!

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Copywrited 2011 to Nathan Sutherland, Born Feburary 23, 1991 and all rights go to him. Please do not steal anything.