Text Box: Forever changed how we see and use light.
Text Box: Light Emitting Diode.

This LED illuminates a beautiful blue light.

Text Box: 			L.E.D.s

LEDs are small electronic components that emit a fascinating light. They come in few different sizes and many different colors. They’re general purpose was to serve as indicators, such as whether or not an electronic device is getting power.

However, LEDs are increasingly serving as other illuminating purposes. They are now heavily used and just about every electronic device we use contains an LED. They are all around us. And they came to us through scientific exploration.

Only the future can really show us what will become of Electroluminescence.

These are model light sabers from the famous series: Star Wars.


The saber is a translucent, acrylic tube that is brightly  is brightly illuminated with  high-powered LEDs.